Pig Feed

Pig Feed

The replacement of conventional organic acids by SoftAcid in pig feed offers the farmer a number of benefits.  

SoftAcid in animal feeds

Trials employing SoftAcid as a replacement for organic acids have been run in many countries with good results: similar or better utilisation of nutrients by the pig (= improved feed conversion ratio), reduced corrosion on equipment and less evaporation - leading to safer handling.


  • SoftAcid V
  • SoftAcid IV+


  • Strong pH effect
  • Excellent antibacterial effect - inhibition of Salmonella and E.coli
  • Reduced corrosion on concrete and carbon steel
  • Reduced odour/evaporation of acids, hence an improved working environment
  • Reduced handling risks and costs

Table 1: Results from Pig Feeding Trial in Germany

 Test parameters  0.6% Formic/Propionic acid mix   0.6% SoftAcid 
 No of pigs  236   236
 Start weight/kg  30.87  31.18
 Finish weight/kg  91.35  92.85
 Days  77.7  77.7
 % lean meat  55.0  54.5
 Weight gain (kg)  60.48  61.67
 Daily feed consumption/kg  2.16  2.19
 Feed conversion ratio  2.77  2.75
 Daily weight gain/g  778  793