PellTech improves production of pig starter pellets

Pig starter diets that contain whey and milk powders are heat sensitive. Too much steam will cause the sugars to caramelize on the die, while too little steam can cause die friction to increase, burning the sugars and blocking the hole.

Pelleting pig feed for
efficiency and performance

PellTech helps clean the metal surface and maintain a smooth extrusion. Thus, production rate can be increased and there is less sensitivity to temperature.

At a commercial pig feed mill, PellTech helped increase production rate, reduce energy, and maintain pellet quality:

PellTech piglet graph

Figure: PellTech allows a 51% increase in production rate in a pig starter pellet

Production conditions were first monitored in the standard formulation of pig feed and then again with addition of PellTech. The first indication of PellTech's effect was a thinner amperage trace - the press was running smoother with less bouncing of the ammeter.  The feeder screw was then increased stepwise with conditioning temperature held constant at about 65 C.  Eventually production rate was increased from the original rate of 11.3 tons per hour to 17.1 tons per hour, a 51% increase.  Power requirement of the press was reduced from 14.0 kWh/Ton to 10.0 kWh/Ton, a reduction of 28%.  Both the Control and the PellTech maintained pellet durabilities above 97%.  PellTech was able to increase production rate, reduce energy, and maintain pellet quality.