PellTech enables the use of DDGS

When dried distillers grains (DDGS) are added to a feed ration it is typical to see motor load build continuously until the die eventually chokes (Figure 1).  Since the problem is a build up on the die, addition of fat might make it possible to continue pelleting, but this does not correct the problem. PellTech is a unique processing aid that allows the mill to run normally with DDGS, and will also have a positive effect on pellet quality.

Increase production without sacrificing
pellet quality

PellTech enables the use of ddgs

Figure: PellTech makes it possible to produce a feed with DDGS

Comments to the figure

the regular peaks and dips in temperature and motor load were caused by the supply bin running empty. At 11:55, with the supply bin nearly empty, the formulation was switched from a typical corn/soybean meal mixture to one that contained 15% dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS). No change was made in steam addition or production rate. Motor load began to increase immediately and continued until the mill choked.

When the mill was restarted with a ration containing 15% DDGS and 0.5% PellTech, production was stable and motor load was similar to the original corn/soybean meal mixture. Consecutive pellet durabilities were 95.0, 95.3, and 95.6. 

PellTech allowed the mill to run normally and pellet durability was improved even as the motor load declined.