Feed Pellet Quality Factor

It is well known that various raw materials have a different effect both on pellet quality and throughput. Therefore, changes in formulations might dictate adjustments in operating conditions, like steam pressure, meal temperature, energy input, inclusion of pellet binders etc.

Effect of raw materials on feed pellet quality

In order to anticipate problems due to the use of certain raw materials, Borregaard LignoTech has developed the Feed Pellet Quality Factor (FPQF), which indicates how well a feed formulation will pellet.

In order to calculate the FPQF of a specific feed each raw material’s contribution to physical quality needs to be assessed. Learn more about the Physical Factors of raw materials and find our overview of feed raw materials and their respective Pellet Quality Factor values  here.

If the Pellet Quality Factor values for all raw materials in the formulation are available, the FPQF can easily be calculated.