Webinar broadcast live at WattAgNet on February 15, 2017

Webinar Video - Segregation in Bulk Silos: What is Really Happening?

A video recording of the webinar that was broadcast live at WattAgNet.com on February 15th 2017 is now available!

This webinar reviews how segregation of fines occurs during feed bulk transport and handling and its impact on nutrient composition and animal performance/growth.

We also go over how improving pellet quality will help by reducing the total amount of fines. Videos are shown to demonstrate how segregation is caused and quickly increased when bulk silos load/unload.

View the video here:

Learning points:

  • How fines can quickly increase from 20% to more than 50% during bulk handling and transport
  • Why it should be common practice to make sure the silo is empty before loading a different feed into it
  • Segregation impacts the nutrient profile and physical form of feed presented to animals
  • Variation of feed nutrients and physical form have been shown to significantly influence animal performance

Speaker info:

Thomas S. Winowiski, Technical Application Manager at LignoTech USA

Joe Moritz, Professor of Poultry Science and State Extension Specialist - Feed Manufacture and Poultry Science, Animal and Nutritional Sciences Division at West Virginia University