LignoTech Florida plant officially opened

LignoTech Florida plant officially opened

A partnership between Borregaard LignoTech and Rayonier Advanced Materials has brought a sustainable animal feed binder and more to Amelia Island, Florida.

On 26 June LignoTech Florida’s new lignin plant in Fernandina Beach was officially opened. The 110 million USD investment represents a production capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes lignin measured as dry substance. In a planned second phase, the capacity can later be expanded by 50,000 tonnes. The plant has been in test operation for some time, and the facility is now producing saleable lignin. At the time of the opening ceremony 600 tonnes had been delivered to US customers in June.

-  We are very pleased that we have been able to finish the construction of the new plant on time and within the estimated cost budget, and we are confident that the facility has the targeted capabilities, says Per A. Sørlie, President and CEO of Borregaard.

The plant produces lignin in powder and liquid forms to serve clients in a variety of different applications beyond animal feed, such as concrete admixtures, pesticide dispersants, battery expanders, oil well drilling chemicals and emulsions. The plant is designed in a way that enables it to shift staff from one area or another – focusing on liquid or dry product – depending on its diverse range of client needs at the time.

LignoTech Florida is owned by Borregaard (55%) and Rayonier Advanced Materials (45%), and employs 51 persons in Fernandina Beach.

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