Press release:

Borregaard launches pelleting aid Intact Aqua in Asia

Borregaard LignoTech has launched a new pelleting aid for the aqua feed sector in Asia. Intact Aqua, a combined processing aid and pellet binder, has been developed and optimized to assure both optimum water stability and stable operating conditions. When added to the shrimp feed formulation Intact Aqua will lower the energy consumption, which enables the shrimp feed producer to reach the desired conditioning temperature and increase the production rate.

When added at the recommended inclusion level of 0.5% Intact Aqua can offer the following benefits to the shrimp feed producer: 

  • Reach the desired conditioning temperature without destroying key nutrients and equipment
  • Lower energy consumption or higher production rate
  • Stable operating conditions
  • Optimum water stability
  • Reduced use of PMC/synthetic binders
  • Lower cost in use than PMC/Synthetic binders

Intact Aqua will be officially launched in India during May. Borregaard has appointed ABT Corporation as their licence producer and distributor for the Indian market. Intact Aqua will be launched in phases in other South Asian and South East Asian countries during the coming months.

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