SoyPass® is a rumen protein supplement, which has a:

  • High bypass protein value of 72.5% (Europe), 74% (USA)
  • High degree of digestibility 98.5% (Europe), 87.3% (USA)
  • Palatability equal to that of regular soybean meal
  • Pleasant colour and aroma.

These properties aid the dairy nutritionist in formulating rations that improve milk production and/or reduce costs.


SoyPass will help increase milk production and/or reduce cost

All of our bypass proteins are produced according to our strict quality requirements, and are among the most consistent bypass proteins on the market.

In the USA, SoyPass® is manufactured for and sold by LignoTech USA. In other regions, SoyPass® is produced and sold by carefully selected licensed producers/partners:

Austria Garant Tiernahrung GmbH
France Danis  
Germany FeedValid
Switzerland Fuga Getreide AG
Norway Denofa
UK + Ireland KW Alternative Feeds (AB Agri)
Spain + Portugal Tecnivet  
Central and Eastern Europe Noack  
Turkey Sinerji Tarim Ürünleri
Middle East National Feed & Flour Production & Marketing Co.